Gap of inputs in US education

US education is on high debates these days. Improper inputs, higher expectations, lack of STEM teachers, textbook affordability crisis and now 28 percent cut in funding for public higher education institutes. All are contributing so well to deteriorate US education.


Struggling with expenses

Students are required, anyhow, to do jobs to fulfill their expenses. Only tuition fee is not to be paid, but residential expenses, health related matters, bucks to buy assignments, travelling costs and yes some hang out time also need your loaded wallets. Students are already burdened by the debt US government is offering in the shape of loans.


Future of US students

A country, where three quarters of all undergraduate students attend public colleges and universities, cannot afford to cut a huge percentage of funds from education line. Blaming rising inflation for this panicky step, government officials failed to realize that students are more affected by the rising inflation.


No Child Left Behind law

Another issue that has faced by US education for many years is poor and minority students lack access to the main facilities of the education system. In 2002 it was made compulsory by law that every student will get an equal treatment, emphasizing more on testing of students and measuring the outcomes. But, no proper law was made for ‘inputs’ part.


Colleges react badly

Due to decreased state funding, colleges have increased their tuition fee. To settle the gap between resources some colleges have also kicked out Professors and eliminate many courses. Some facilities are also seen to discontinue as computer labs, library services etc. Even some schools have closed their campuses too. Students are badly hurt as they put in their efforts and studied day and night for final examinations and placed orders to buy assignments.


Hopefully, US education system will concentrate on the inputs too, along with the outputs. Pleasant outcome is the product of both inputs and outputs.



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